Project: Digital Bunny Cafe Concept

Posted on Apr 26, 2020

Creative Outlets, Projects, Web Development

It seems most people are familiar with the concept of animal cafes these days. They've been common around Japan for quite some time and in more recent years a number of them have been popping up around the US as well. Seattle is host to its own Neko Cat Cafe* where people can visit cute kitties in a chill cafe/bar environment and maybe even take one home since they're all up for adoption. I've always loved this concept. Cats are cool and all, but I'm totally a bunny person. So why not a bunny cafe? 

I've said it before, my dream would be to open a bunny cafe in this same manner. The cafe portion would a really nice hangout area serving cute refreshments & desserts, but it would also fund the care and rehabilitation of adoptable rescue rabbits. 

Not many people are aware that rabbits are the third most popular pet in the US behind cats and dogs. Unfortunately, they're a commonly misunderstood pet that require special care and an attentive owner. As a result, thousands are abandoned each year in shelters or release into the wild (domesticated rabbits lack basic instincts and survival skills to live in the wild). So the opportunity to help some poor bunnies in need while also selfishly getting to care for and play with them all day sounds like a dream. One which I can admit I'm not in a place in my life right now to pursue unfortunately.

That doesn't mean my bunny cafe dreams can't be somewhat of a reality. I've had an idea for a while inspired by a really cute site I came across many years ago. It was a pixel art gallery of little cat themed food items. Each item had a price. Clicking the item would add it to your cafe order. Once you were finished placing your order, you could click a checkout button where their prices would be totaled up. You didn't actually pay for anything though, it was all "play" sort of. Checking out would generate some HTML code to copy/paste in your website displaying the collection of cute pixel art you picked out. Keep in mind, this was back in the day where sparkly "graphic resource" sites were a huge thing, featuring cute avatar images or copy/paste html layouts for your geocities, angelfire or myspace page. People were always looking for cute free gifs or "kaoani" to add to their pages. I'm really showing my age now... anyway. Though these kind of graphics aren't super popular anymore, I still find it to be a cute idea. So I'd like to replicate this sort of set up, except with bunny food items. It serves a few purposes towards my creative and development related goals in the following way:

  1. I will need to create custom animated pixel art of bunny themed food items.
  2. I'd ideally like to build it as a stand-alone Vue application.
  3. The resulting total will be a suggested as a donation for the house rabbit society.

I can't say it serves any higher purpose than that. It's a fun practice project for myself in terms of being a creative task and getting some more experience with Vue applications. And maybe if someone comes across it and thinks it's really cute, it might inspire them to donate to a rabbit rescue. I'm still in the planning phase right now, as the pixel art alone will take a month or more. I'll continue to post updates on the project page for this idea as thing progress!

* The Neko Cat Cafe website was built by my company, efelle creative! Please check us out.