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Tattoo Policy

Everything you need to know if you'd like to use my art in your next tattoo!

Thank you so much for your interest in getting a piece of my art permenantly inked into your skin! It's the ultimate honor and compliment as an artist. I'm totally on board with my art being used in your next tattoo. Here are the steps to take:

1. Please reach out to me via any manner of contact (email is [email protected]) to discuss which piece of art you're interested in.
1. Once verified, purchase a "tattoo ticket" as granted permission to use a single piece of my art for your tattoo.
2. Credit & tag me on social media or where ever you post pictures of your tattoo.

It's that easy!

Tattoo Tickets

Reach out to me before purchasing a tattoo ticket to verify the art you have chosen will be ok. I cannot offer tattoo tickets on commissioned pieces or fan art that may have their own copyright or intellectual properties.

Purchasing a tattoo ticket is a way to get explicit permission from an artist to use their art in your tattoo and show respect to an artist by supporting them for their work. I charge a flat fee of $30 per tattoo ticket. The following conditions apply:

1. A tattoo ticket is valid for the use of a single design to be used in direct translation or as reference in a single tattoo on your own body. It does not permit commercial use or any other personal use outside of a tattoo.
2. Tattoo tickets are for existing designs and art only. This is not a commission and I do not offer custom tattoo design.
3. The fee paid is only for granting permission of use and does not include any additional service such as design alteration or changes.
4. Tattoo tickets do not grant exclusive usage. Anyone may request to use the same design.
5. Your tattoo artist is given permission to change aspects of the design to translate my work into something that would work better for a tattoo. 
6. Once a tattoo ticket has been purchased, I will email you a signed permission form and a digital file of the artwork (if applicable) to take to your artist.

If you can agree to the terms above, you may compensate me directly via PayPal. Please leave a note including your name, email, the art piece decided upon and a note indicating the payment is for a tattoo.


Do I need to purchase a tattoo ticket if I'm only using a small part of your art or using it for inspiration on a custom design?

Yes. In the end, some part of my work is being used and a tattoo ticket will be required. However, depending on how much is being used, it may not be necessary to charge full ticket price. Please get in touch with me to discuss!


I am a tattoo artist. Can I use one of your designs in my own work or shop?

I'm open to the possibility. Please email me to discuss!