Amanda Eldreth: an artist and web developer residing in the Pacific Northwest

Amanda Eldreth also goes by "Manda".

TL;DR of Amanda Eldreth

  • A classic introvert
  • Paints the ocean but is absolutely terrified of it
  • A bit of a Japanophile due a long-term love for Visual Kei
  • Tends to own pets who are complete a**holes
  • Has a questionable obsession with rabbits

My Story

Hello, I'm Manda! I'm an artist and web developer living in the heart of downtown Seattle with my husband, dog and two very loud little birds. I'm from all over but have lived in Seattle for the past 10 years. Previously, I bounced around the east coast.

I've been drawing and painting since as far back as I can remember. I briefly pursued a career in art while living in New York, but now a days it's mostly a hobby for my own personal enjoyment and expression. Web development came into my life while I was still in high school and I've been doing it professionally since 2011. I focus specifically on front-end development but will dab in back-end or application development at times. I enjoy situations where I can combine the development and art facets of my life into one fun, creative project.

I'm an enthusiastic aquarists (not to be confused with Aquarius) and fan of deep sea squishy things. The ocean and all its inhabitants inspire a lot of my art work, though oddly enough I'm completely terrified of the ocean. I tend to be attracted to things that I find horrifying. If I saw a manta ray or whale in real life I think I might die. One day I hope to overcome this fear and do some deep ocean swimming, but for now its great nightmare creativity fuel!

I'm a bit of a Japanophile stemming from an interest in Japanese music. I participated in a Japanese language & culture study abroad in college. My experience there really solidified my appreciation for a country and culture that is so different from my own. I became fascinated with the customs, traditions and folklore. This fascination inspired some of my first web development projects and through a shared interest is how I met my husband. Safe to say it's been a huge factor in my life. 

When I'm not coding or creating you'll find me chilling at home with my many pets. My dog's name is Soma (after the video game). She inspires my #ShibaStruggles sketches with her daily antics and attitude. I have two birbs (not a typo) named Zeus and Kiwi who are both adorable and annoying. It is never a dull or quiet moment in my house hold.

In case it wasn't obvious enough from browsing my site, I also have an intense love for rabbits. I am 100% a bunny person. I dream of visiting that famous bunny infested island one day and possibly never returning home. I rescued my first rabbit Bunnbun 8 years ago when I moved to the west coast. Though as of 2019 Bunn has crossed the rainbow bridge, she will never cease to be an important factor in my life and I will never stop loving rabbits obsessively.

Zeus the conure looks confused as always Soma the shiba inu poses on her bed for a portrait Kiwi the parrotlet admires the peaceful flow of swimming jelly fish Bunn the rabbit lazes around the apartment
All my pets in all their glory: Zeus, Soma, Kiwi and Bunn

Fun Facts

  • I grew up on an island in the North Pacific Ocean.
  • I am extremely short.
  • Before moving into web development, my full time job was managing a pet store.
  • I volunteered at the Seattle Aquarium for a time.
  • I pair pizza and potato chips with a glass of whole milk
  • While I'm heavily into VK, rock and metal, I'll be damned if I don't know the lyrics to every Spice Girls song.
  • If I weren't doing web development I'd either run a bunny cafe or open up a shop called "The Betta Bowl" to sell fancy betta fish.
  • My current favorite Japanese word is maboroshi (幻 or まぼろし: phantom, vision, illusion, dream, apparition).
  • I'm totally cool with insects... unless they're dead. Then f**k no get it away.
  • Pineapple on pizza is delicious. Change my mind.