Digital Bunny Cafe

June 7, 2020

I would like to create an online "cafe", in the form of a pixel art gallery, utilizing Vue and my own custom pixel art of cute bunny foods. This pixel art gallery will be designed and fashioned as a cafe display case. Clicking pixel art items would add them to your cafe food order. Once you've selected all your items, you may check out by clicking the "Total" button. This will add up the digital price of your items and generate some HTML code that can be copy/pasted to display the pixel art on your own website or download for whatever purposes you'd like. You don't actually have to pay for anything though. The price displayed will be a suggested donation to the House Rabbit Society to help rescue rabbits in need. I would love for this to inspire people to donate or adopt.

Here is what I'm looking to achieve:

  1. Create custom animated pixel art of bunny themed food items, approximately 6 to start.
  2. I'd ideally like to build this as a stand-alone Vue application.
  3. The resulting total will be a suggested as a donation for the house rabbit society.

I can't say it serves any higher purpose than that. It's a fun practice project for myself in terms of being a creative task and getting some more experience with Vue applications. And maybe if someone comes across it and thinks it's really cute, it might inspire them to donate to a rabbit rescue.

For a bit more background on this project, check out my concept scrapbook post.


  • Status: Planning
  • Type: Web Development, Art
  • This project is still only a concept at the moment

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