Sakura themed anniversary

Posted on Apr 12, 2020

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重ねてた 一人では輝けない プレアデス。変わらずに またここで 君と笑おう。So sweet pain... be as one forever & ever

April is a really eventful month. It's my birthday, it's Soma's birthday and it's my wedding anniversary. So many things!
Last year, Kai and I were married in a private ceremony on a pier in Yokohama. Being spring time, sakura flavored items could be found everywhere and it kind of defined the flavor & feel of our trip. We were able to find a bottle of sakura wine with beautiful blossoms floating around inside of it. So we put off opening it till our one year anniversary, as a small way of re-experiencing spring time in Japan. We couldn't make our anniversary quite as eventful as we would have liked due to the pandemic issue, but we made the best of it with a nice evening at home. I went the extra mile and steeped some pickled cherry blossoms for added effect when we tried it. As well, I made a cute dessert of cherry jelly bunnies, which made me super happy.

Cherry flavored bunny jelly desserts with sakura sauce Sakura flavored wine with blossoms
Pretty pink cherry flowery everything... and bunnies

We've had a good first year. I look forward to the next!

Note: if anyone comes across this and thinks "Damn! I'd like like to make cute bunny shaped things too!" you can find the mold I used on Amazon.