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May 11th, 2022

Well, here I am again with another brand new Nuxt project generated and a clean slate. When I rebuilt my website last year, my goal was to get off the current dead CMS platform and begin to highlight my art & creations. I also wished to work more with Vue, in an API dirven headless environment, and to get my feet wet with graphQL. All those goals were accomplished!

The past 7 months my website has better suited my requirements and has been much eaiser to work with. However, I once again find my needs changing. With my last rebuild, I created a plan based around what I thought I was going to need and what I thought would work for me. I could only speculate at the time not knowing what role exactly my website would play, what kind of content would prove useful to have and what kind of structure would be most efficient for me to maintain. I now have all those answers, so it feels like an appropriate time to rebuild. I also have some ideas to incorporate more of my actual art into the design, which feels kind of exciting. 

When I worked exclusively as a web developer, a site rebuild for most clients was a really big deal. A huge time and money investment between design, development and content. Something that would only be done maybe once every few years, if not longer. I question if doing another rebuild after less than a year is maybe too much. But honestly, I wonder how many people or businesses would do the same if it didn't cost thousands of dollars? It feels like a small advantage I should utilize when possible. So onto rebuild #3!