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Ika Ink Version 2.0

Time to dump the traditional CMS approach and opt for a scalable headless solution!

  • Status: complete
  • Type: Development

July 25th, 2021

The current build of Ika Ink has been up and running since June of last year. I originally built my site on FusionCMS, an open source platform build on Laravel and PHP. It was the obvious choice since I was actively working for the company building it and created the frontend build process for it myself. However, after a lot of consideration this past year, I finally decided to leave my job and take a break. Nothing new lined up, so I have a lot of time on my hands to dedicate to whatever I like really. Since I prefer to build more in Vue and I'm no longer involved in the FusionCMS project, I'll be to moving on to a new solution for my own personal needs.

For this iteration, I will be using Directus as my content platform of choice. It's a quick and simple content solution that does pretty much everything my previous platform did in terms of scaffolding collections & fields. Directus is also headless, making it agnostic of the front end build process. I may eventually move over to Strapi in the future, but need more time to vet things out. I had some previous experience messing around with Directus, so I felt very comfortable jumping right in (also their logo is a bunny soooo...).

For the front end portion, I'm going with NuxtJS. It's quick, performant, powerful and all that jazz. I like the option for static site generation as well. I'll be hosting on Digital Ocean Apps platform so maintenance & deployment will be simple.

I expect to be done with this project fairly quickly, within the next month or two. If anyone is following this, feel free to check out the progress on


October 31st, 2021

The rebuild is officially complete! The web portion has been done for quite some time actually. Content, as always has been holding me back. I didn't have much to migrate over, but enough for it to be annoying and something I was actively avoiding. October has been a busy month for art though and I had a bunch of new stuff to post up. It was the motivation I needed to get everything wrapped up. Now it's done and I can focus on keeping things up to date. I may still switch to a different headless platform in the future, but at least I'm on one where I can easily migrate my data & content from this point on.