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Custom eCommerce Storefront

Because apparently I like to punish myself

  • Status: planning
  • Type: Development

May 11th, 2022

With the launch of my Etsy store this year and having success with my first custom headless shopify storefront for BUN CAFE, I'd really like to create another main store for IKA INK itself. I plan to move on to non-bunny related things that wouldn't be relevant to publish on BUN CAFE. And while my Etsy store pulls in business with their online marketplace, I do like to direct new customers to shopify whenever possible to save both them and myself some money. 

Thankfully shopify allows you to manage channels and private apps that would make this possible. I can keep certain products isolated to BUN CAFE for the bunny focused items while also allowing everything to be accessible to IKA INK as the main storefront.  

Since I'm still a huge fan of working with Vue, I plan to continue utilizing Nuxt with static site generation for super fast page speed. I'm also considering a transition over to Strapi from Directus. My Directus experience has gotten pretty old. My frustration with their vague documentation, especially as it relates to both their restless and graphQL API, is wearing me out. Strapi appears to have things more well documented and even has a guide set up for shopify integration. I'll be running some tests with it to see if I feel positive about switching. My only other option at that point would be contentful, which I have mixed feelings about after doing some discovery. Either way, nothing is yet set in stone.