IKA Theme 1.2 Download

IKA Theme

IKA screenshot of customizer
IKA Theme’s cutomizer options.

I finally feel confident releasing a version of my current WordPress theme for download. It may be downloaded here but I’ll likely have more up-to-date releases on Github as I continue the process of working through any bugs and fine tuning things.

IKA Theme is built off of bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3. A responsive and fully customizable theme for WordPress, altered via WordPress’ customizer screen, IKA has the following custom options:

Page Display

Choose between 3 page layouts including single column with top navigation, double column with sidebar hover-over navigation and double column with sidebar slide-down navigation. Page may be aligned to the left, right or center of the browser window. Page width may be fixed or full-width.

Theme Options

Custom header image or text. Backgrounds settings including background image, position, repeat and attachment. Options for image slider including choice of navigation images, slide animation, auto-scroll and slider speed. Most all color options on IKA may be changed including text, text shadow, secondary colors for link hovers and highlights, container colors etc. Customization of the footer including background gradient color and background image accent.


IKA includes 6 custom widgets for 6 widgetized areas. These areas include the main/index page content, sidebar (when applicable) and 4 different footer areas. Widgets included are a main blog feed widget, a featured category blog feed, featured portfolio feed, image slider and copyright display. Some widgets are meant for very specific areas on the theme and will be indicated in the widget title.

Post Types

IKA has 2 custom post types. A portfolio post type with custom category taxonomy and an image slider to be used in combination with the image slider widget.


IKA theme was built with bootstrap and will automatically respond to changes in browser window size. Note that some aspects of the theme, though responsive, may not cooperate well with mobile browser sizes if user content extends beyond the designated area, mainly concerning the image slider and portfolio image-hover displays.

IKA Theme Screenshot
IKA Theme screen shot in the customizer.