Manda Self Portrait
Self Portrait and lots of things I find inspiring.

I’m known as Manda, though my name is officially Amanda Eldreth. But please, just call me Manda!
I’m a digital artist and front-end web developer living in the heart of downtown Seattle! I’m a tropical fish keeping hobbyist and fan of deep sea squishy things. The ocean and all it’s inhabitants often inspire a lot of my art work. Look around here for a while, I don’t think you can miss it.

My creative journey began long ago as a small child, bored and  living on a very remote island in the middle of the Philippines. Sound like an episode of lost? It was pretty close. There was nothing to do but climb trees and do a whole lot of drawing. Web development started as a hobby throughout high school. There was actually a point at which I was better at PHP and MySQL before HTML and CSS. All of my skills are self taught. I get a rush from figuring out how to code new things or picking up new programming languages. I’m sure it doesn’t sound like much of an adrenaline rush but Seattle is short on amusement parks so I have to make due.
I enjoy combining my love of art and web coding. I feel it’s like creating an interactive art piece. I don’t think there’s enough of that in the web world. I hope to greatly contribute to that aspect of the internet.

Besides the obvious I also invest loads of time into cooking and baking. Not just ordinary cooking and baking. I mean like Martha Stewart kind of stuff. I like things to be pretty, special and eye catching. It brings excitement to the ordinary. I’m also rather crafty with a variety of other traditional media including clay, watercolor, charcoal and sewing. In short, I’m happiest when I’m creating something. Because of this I pour myself into everything I make, from web coding to cupcakes (Hmm, web coded cupcakes) and always push myself to achieve something new with each project.

I may not be the best (I think I’m pretty awesome at least). I may never be the best at anything. But it doesn’t matter much. Passion, progress and a desire to learn. That’s all you need.

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