I am an ammonite that has turned to stone, waiting to be found…


In an amazing stroke of some sort of inspiration and motivation, Anima was created in less than a week. A great change from my usual time of like one month per piece! It’s probably the first piece I’ve done in a long time where I’ve fallen completely in love with my own work and I’m not tearing it apart every time I see it. Again, lighting played a huge role in the over all execution. I incorporated three different light sources of varying colors to give a greater sense of depth to everything. I feel a lot of pride in the fact that I used zero reference in creating the composition, even for the dreaded hands that I hate drawing so much.

The title “Anima” refers to the Latin meaning, of mind or soul. There’s strong use of symbolism throughout the painting, starting with the ammonite. Traditionally the ammonite has been a basic symbol of life, also representing an example of perfection created by nature or a natural form of perfect composition and geometry. A helix is formed by the flow of the hair and ribbon to express another symbol of life. The woman herself stands to represent birth and re-birth. All tucked away into the cosmos where everything we know of has originated. The ring at her feet reads  “I am an ammonite that has turned to stone, waiting to be found…” (This is part of a translation from the Plastic Tree song “Paranoia”). In short I wanted to express the idea of life and re-birth. That nothing has truly ever died. Life and re-discovery, in what ever form, will always go on even if it’s been broken down or built up into something different.

Total approximate time: about 10 hours in SAI and Photoshop for final touch-ups (and the magic glowing ring). Drawn with a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

Anima Close Up
Close up 100% view

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